A smart way to apply for a UK passport

Residents of many countries have an interest to apply for a UK passport and take advantage of all benefits of having this passport.  They have to identify who can apply for a UK passport at first. Individuals who have British nationality are eligible for the British passport.  They have to be at least 16 years old when they apply for the adult passport, valid for 10 years only. They have to apply for this passport online when they reside outside the UK. The following details explain how to apply for a UK passport.

Visit PassportApplication.Service.Gov.UK/ips-olc

Once you have visited this portal, you can submit an application for a UK passport almost immediately.  There are three stages in a UK passport application as follows.

  1. Fill in and check
  2. Pay and print
  3. Sign and post

The first stage is to fill in and check the passport application form.  The second stage is to pay and print the form that declares the passport related elements.  The third stage is to sign and post this declaration form.

You have to make sure that you have a debit or credit card, a printer and previous passport (optional) before applying for a UK passport.

Elements of a UK passport application

Once you have downloaded the UK passport application form, you have to fill in each element and follow instructions throughout the completion of this application form. The following types of passport options are available in the first section of this form.

  • Renewal of passport
  • First British passport
  • Replacement for a passport
  • Extension of a passport
  • Changes to an existing passport

The second section of this passport application form involves details about the applicant of the passport.  You have to write your title, surname, first and middle name, maiden or all previous names, current address, country, postcode, date of birth, gender, town of birth, country of birth, mobile phone number, alternative phone number and E-mail address.

In the third section, you have to enter correct details in fields associated with any sort of your previous passport.  You have to fill in details of lost or stolen passport and other fields.  The fourth section involves details of your parents.  The fifth section includes the certificate of registration details.  The sixth section involves children aged 12 – 15.

Do not write anything in the seventh section. This section is intentionally blank. The eighth section reveals more information about the UK passport application procedure. Read every element of the ninth section because it is a Declaration section.  You have to understand real meaning of all fields in this section before you fill up it.

The tenth section is counter signatory. You may have to fill this section when a counter signature is needed. You may like to use stamps or label and fill up some fields of this form with an objective to save your time. You have to avoid any such activity. This is worthwhile to follow all instructions when you fill each field in all sections of this UK passport application form.

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