Amazing benefits of travelling with UK passport

A traveler needs to have a valid passport to travel along any places in all over the world. If you travel with damaged passport, you want to face serious security troubles. You want to make sure that you have an appropriate passport for travelling to any desired location. It will make you to enjoy a smooth travelling experience without any hassles. When you have a UK passport, you can travel to almost all countries without applying for a visa. Citizens of Sweden and Finland can also enjoy the benefits of it. If you hold the UK passport, you can take pleasure the high range of visa-free journey on the planet. UK passport holders can trip 173 countries without the need of visa. Individuals from Sweden and Finland are also having equal rights as like UK’s citizens. Countries in a new index are mostly come under European Union countries. Certain kind of restrictions is listed in the index to maintain the status of countries and international relations.

EU Flag

Trip without applying for a visa

Once you obtain the UK passport, you can travel to nearly 173 countries. You want to take a tool at those countries so that you can understand the benefits of holding UK passport. You don’t have to concern about acquiring visa as it is not required for UK passport. Using the passport, you can stay as a tourist for 3 months in any 173 countries. Even, you can travel as a business trip with the use of passport. If you want to enter the United Kingdom, you will be required with a valid passport for the time period of stay. EU nationals can produce their EU nationality as an evidence or identity. Using the nationality evidence, you can admit into any EU member state. It is considered as a valid national ID card or passport. When you are going to travel between Ireland and Great Britain, you will not be required with passport. Even, you can also trip to the Channel Islands and Northern Ireland. Travelers need to hold return tickets to get rid of interrogation and delay.

Extension of stay

Passengers with UK passport can extend the stay up to six months. If you don’t need to hold visas, you want to be in possession of return tickets. If you are entering on a one-way ticket, you want to show appropriate proof of sufficient funds. Then, you can accommodate and enjoy the place without any worries. If you are not belonged to the country that cannot obtain the benefits of UK passport, you have to contact the high commission or embassy to make sure about visa requirements for the UK. You want to provide the details of finances to get your visa. If you are concerned to extend the duration of your stay, you want to apply for UK visas and immigration from your unique date of entry. You need to pay some extra amounts for the extension of your stay. You can travel to Argentina, Austria and even more countries with the use of UK passport.

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