Real experience of travelling around the UK with your folding bike

The United Kingdom (UK) is one of the expensive countries in the Europe. When you have a plan to get a trip to this excellent place, you should look for the cheap transportation facilities within the UK. Whether you are a citizen of United Kingdom or from the various countries, it is better hiring the folding bike to travel around this country. It is really advisable to take a complete list of the important place to visit in UK and hire the folding bike to travel nearby places when you love bike riding. If you do decide to get a folding bike, check out and their reviews of the Dahon Mu UnoDahon Speed Uno and the Dahon Speed D7.

Dahon Mu Uno

Why choose folding bike?                                                                  

There are a lot of reasons why the travelers and UK citizens recommended choosing the folding bike to travel around the United Kingdom. Around this country, you can reach one area to another area by the Eurostar train or by some other transportation facility available there. In order to visit and enjoy the various things and places in those areas, it is better having the folding bike in your hand. It can be kept easier and you can take it with you while travelling. One can just fold this bike and take it in your hand.

Most of the folding bikes are smaller than 85 cm which can be fully folded. It is not actually possible and easy to take the non-folding normal bikes to travel with your luggage. You just buy or hire the folding bike and take with you to visit various parts of the UK such as Paris, London, Brussels, Lille, and more. The major two benefits of taking the folding bikes for your UK trip include,

  • The individuals can put your folding bike in the padded bike box or bag. It can be easily taken anywhere for your rides by just putting into the bag.
  • If the users would prefer to keep this bicycle fully assembled, it has only the limited space availability when it comes to the non-folding bikes. Thus, the folding bikes are always beneficial to have the best and enjoyable ride with your loved ones.

Benefits of folding bikes:

When you are choosing folding bikes to have a local ride in the United Kingdom, it will give your several benefits such as;

  • Relatively thief proof
  • Unrestricted and free carriage on the public transport
  • High resale value
  • Modern multi-model travel like folding or rail bike
  • Cheap as compared to using the car transport
  • Saving more space anywhere

With all these benefits, most of the travellers to UK are taking the folding bikes to visit all the important tourist destinations enjoyable with their pair or friends. There are various kinds of light weighted folding bikes available which will be very easy to carry from one place to another in the simple bag. The small wheels of the folding bikes will actually provide the lighter steering but the harder ride to have enjoyable and memorable ride in the entire United Kingdom.

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