Recycling Bikes in London

This report presents the findings of a Transport for London (TfL) commissioned study investigating the feasibility of establishing a central bicycle recycling initiative for London. This commission is thought to be the first of its kind to have been undertaken in the UK and it was clear from the outset that limited publicly available information existed on bicycle recycling schemes. Therefore, this study utilised a range of research methods to gather appropriate background information, data and experiences from other similar schemes that operate in the UK, and where appropriate from overseas. Whilst desk based literature searches and correspondent questionnaire surveys of London boroughs were undertaken, the report’s main findings were derived from a comprehensive set of case studies developed from face-to-face and telephone interviews. The study’s outputs represent a unique collation of relevant information that could assist TfL make appropriate decisions on whether the establishment of a London specific bicycle recycling scheme would be a worthwhile undertaking.

An important conclusion of the study identified that a London scheme could be established by utilising success criteria of schemes operating in other cities. Combined with London’s ample supply base of disused bicycles and sufficient local demand, London also boasts an established policy environment (e.g. Mayoral strategic policies), appropriate infrastructure (e.g. established small scale projects, administrative bodies such as TfL and the London Boroughs etc) and systems (common waste and landfill management systems) that can be adapted and leveraged to help establish a bicycle recycling scheme. The report concludes by presenting a range of options and associated recommendations for consideration by the client on how to take an initiative for London forward. Key findings include: • Although many of the recycling schemes in operation around the UK can secure profitable income from sales of recycled bicycles, new and old parts and accessories, most were established using grant funding to ‘pump prime’ or to maintain viability of the project. In many cases grant funding is still a fundamental requirement to ensure continual provision of the service, however there are exceptions (e.g. Oxford Cycle Workshop), which have been able to trade profitably without third party grants or funding support.

• Securing and maintaining skilled labour (wages, training, retention, recruitment etc) represents the most significant challenge and burden for schemes. As many of the schemes rely on volume of sales to ensure that costs can be covered, affordable and effective skilled labour is a success factor that schemes require. Whilst many depend on volunteers, some scheme operators have turned to prison services to provide very low cost and enthusiastic (low churn rate!) labour in order to reduce costs and increase volume throughput. • There are a number of schemes in London that utilise discarded bicycles. However, most of these schemes are focused on training and skills, rather than on recycling significant numbers of bicycles and introducing them to market. Other schemes outside of London also vary in terms of purpose, however two notable schemes work well as a commercial venture (by covering operating costs), namely the Oxford Cycle Workshop and the Edinburgh based Bike Station.

• There is an estimated annual total number of 27,500 potential discarded bicycles in London. This estimated figure represents approximately 5% of total new bicycle sales in London, which are estimated at 560,000 per annum. From a contextual perspective, even if half of the potential 27,500 bicycles were salvageable via a London bicycle recycling scheme, it would currently outperform all of the current UK based recycling schemes combined. Key sources of bicycles includes discarded bicycles at civic amenity sites, as well as bicycles recovered by the Metropolitan Police Service (stolen or abandoned). Restricted – Commercial ED06240 – Issue 1 Momenta iv

• Demand in London would potentially be significant for recycled bicycles, particularly as 14% of London’s population is made up of students in higher and further education. In addition to this, London has experienced a growth in cycling particularly in central London (congestion charge area), spurred on by promotion of cycling to work schemes (as part of travel plans), pool bikes, increases in cycle lane infrastructure and parking facilities. An additional beneficiary market could also include the large number of London’s long term unemployed that could utilise low cost bicycles to improve their access to jobs in London. • Recycling schemes have been established around the UK for a variety of reasons. The majority have been established voluntarily for training and engaging with young people, whilst only a handful have been developed to provide a range of services including sales of quality cheap bicycles (The Bike Station, Oxford Cycle Workshop and Waltham Forest).

• The most common challenge to all schemes was making the logistics (inbound and outbound) of their operation efficient and cost effective. This has been predominantly due to the unpredictability of supply of, and in some cases, demand for quality recycled bicycles. This challenge also extended, in part, to labour efficiencies from both a throughput (ability to process/maintain bicycles) and a cost point of view (many are volunteers, but some are employees). Few scheme operators have any experience in logistics operations or general management skills and little has been done to apply reverse logistics concepts to such schemes.

Real experience of travelling around the UK with your folding bike

The United Kingdom (UK) is one of the expensive countries in the Europe. When you have a plan to get a trip to this excellent place, you should look for the cheap transportation facilities within the UK. Whether you are a citizen of United Kingdom or from the various countries, it is better hiring the folding bike to travel around this country. It is really advisable to take a complete list of the important place to visit in UK and hire the folding bike to travel nearby places when you love bike riding. If you do decide to get a folding bike, check out and their reviews of the Dahon Mu UnoDahon Speed Uno and the Dahon Speed D7.

Dahon Mu Uno

Why choose folding bike?                                                                  

There are a lot of reasons why the travelers and UK citizens recommended choosing the folding bike to travel around the United Kingdom. Around this country, you can reach one area to another area by the Eurostar train or by some other transportation facility available there. In order to visit and enjoy the various things and places in those areas, it is better having the folding bike in your hand. It can be kept easier and you can take it with you while travelling. One can just fold this bike and take it in your hand.

Most of the folding bikes are smaller than 85 cm which can be fully folded. It is not actually possible and easy to take the non-folding normal bikes to travel with your luggage. You just buy or hire the folding bike and take with you to visit various parts of the UK such as Paris, London, Brussels, Lille, and more. The major two benefits of taking the folding bikes for your UK trip include,

  • The individuals can put your folding bike in the padded bike box or bag. It can be easily taken anywhere for your rides by just putting into the bag.
  • If the users would prefer to keep this bicycle fully assembled, it has only the limited space availability when it comes to the non-folding bikes. Thus, the folding bikes are always beneficial to have the best and enjoyable ride with your loved ones.

Benefits of folding bikes:

When you are choosing folding bikes to have a local ride in the United Kingdom, it will give your several benefits such as;

  • Relatively thief proof
  • Unrestricted and free carriage on the public transport
  • High resale value
  • Modern multi-model travel like folding or rail bike
  • Cheap as compared to using the car transport
  • Saving more space anywhere

With all these benefits, most of the travellers to UK are taking the folding bikes to visit all the important tourist destinations enjoyable with their pair or friends. There are various kinds of light weighted folding bikes available which will be very easy to carry from one place to another in the simple bag. The small wheels of the folding bikes will actually provide the lighter steering but the harder ride to have enjoyable and memorable ride in the entire United Kingdom.

Ultimate buying guide to find a great folding bike

Nowadays, the folding bikes are becoming growing popularity among people because of its light in weight and compact size. Since the earlier days, these bikes have the similar performance and characteristics as like a normal full sized bike. These folding bicycles are the superior choice for kids and make them to ride anywhere. The great thing about folding bike is available in an ultra small package and easily portable to any places. You can easily carry this bike to anywhere along with other luggage.

Benefits of buying a folding bicycle

When compared to normal bicycles, the folding bicycle is highly recommended by people to use because of its huge benefits that include,

Convenience– This bike is very small and easily packs down with you anywhere on the train, car, and bus. This kind of folding bike can increase your cycling opportunities and become an ideal choice for the users to ride. It occupies only a small amount of space and able to keep under the stairs.

Perform exercise at anytime– Today, the folding bike is most popular among people, especially who are overweight. This bike is an effective way to lose weight in the comfort of your home that makes you healthier as well as produce the targeted results as quickly as possible. Once you start doing exercise with this cycle, you will get the best results within a few weeks.

Safety– Generally, people are keeping vehicles outside the home. At some times, your vehicle may be stolen by theft. But this bike can be easily folded and keep it inside your home, which occupies only a less amount of space. Even you can take your bike with you anywhere and keep it in a secure location in the home.

Save money– This folding bike does not require any parking fees, because you can easily keep inside your home. Even this bike is free from the charges of auto maintenance service, insurance services and expensive fuel. You just easily board this bicycle to any place by using private or public transportation.

Environment– When compared to normal bicycle, the folding bike is much more convenient to use. You will use it more and get many chances to keep it with you anywhere. It is completely environment friendly and able to ride in any places hassle free.

Reasons to buy a folding bike

In today’s world, buying a folding bike is a great choice of riding for the users because of its amazing benefits and features. Some of the major reasons to buy and use this bicycle are given below,

  • You can easily take it with you wherever you go
  • The folding bicycle will make you look cool and relax
  • It has smaller wheels and counterparts
  • This bike is extremely practical to use
  • The folding bike is much more convenient and very comfortable to use
  • This bike can save a lot of space and easily keep even in the home or on the subway
  • It requires low maintenance cost
  • Riding on a folding bike is better for your lungs than sitting in a car

Amazing benefits of travelling with UK passport

A traveler needs to have a valid passport to travel along any places in all over the world. If you travel with damaged passport, you want to face serious security troubles. You want to make sure that you have an appropriate passport for travelling to any desired location. It will make you to enjoy a smooth travelling experience without any hassles. When you have a UK passport, you can travel to almost all countries without applying for a visa. Citizens of Sweden and Finland can also enjoy the benefits of it. If you hold the UK passport, you can take pleasure the high range of visa-free journey on the planet. UK passport holders can trip 173 countries without the need of visa. Individuals from Sweden and Finland are also having equal rights as like UK’s citizens. Countries in a new index are mostly come under European Union countries. Certain kind of restrictions is listed in the index to maintain the status of countries and international relations.

EU Flag

Trip without applying for a visa

Once you obtain the UK passport, you can travel to nearly 173 countries. You want to take a tool at those countries so that you can understand the benefits of holding UK passport. You don’t have to concern about acquiring visa as it is not required for UK passport. Using the passport, you can stay as a tourist for 3 months in any 173 countries. Even, you can travel as a business trip with the use of passport. If you want to enter the United Kingdom, you will be required with a valid passport for the time period of stay. EU nationals can produce their EU nationality as an evidence or identity. Using the nationality evidence, you can admit into any EU member state. It is considered as a valid national ID card or passport. When you are going to travel between Ireland and Great Britain, you will not be required with passport. Even, you can also trip to the Channel Islands and Northern Ireland. Travelers need to hold return tickets to get rid of interrogation and delay.

Extension of stay

Passengers with UK passport can extend the stay up to six months. If you don’t need to hold visas, you want to be in possession of return tickets. If you are entering on a one-way ticket, you want to show appropriate proof of sufficient funds. Then, you can accommodate and enjoy the place without any worries. If you are not belonged to the country that cannot obtain the benefits of UK passport, you have to contact the high commission or embassy to make sure about visa requirements for the UK. You want to provide the details of finances to get your visa. If you are concerned to extend the duration of your stay, you want to apply for UK visas and immigration from your unique date of entry. You need to pay some extra amounts for the extension of your stay. You can travel to Argentina, Austria and even more countries with the use of UK passport.

A smart way to apply for a UK passport

Residents of many countries have an interest to apply for a UK passport and take advantage of all benefits of having this passport.  They have to identify who can apply for a UK passport at first. Individuals who have British nationality are eligible for the British passport.  They have to be at least 16 years old when they apply for the adult passport, valid for 10 years only. They have to apply for this passport online when they reside outside the UK. The following details explain how to apply for a UK passport.

Visit PassportApplication.Service.Gov.UK/ips-olc

Once you have visited this portal, you can submit an application for a UK passport almost immediately.  There are three stages in a UK passport application as follows.

  1. Fill in and check
  2. Pay and print
  3. Sign and post

The first stage is to fill in and check the passport application form.  The second stage is to pay and print the form that declares the passport related elements.  The third stage is to sign and post this declaration form.

You have to make sure that you have a debit or credit card, a printer and previous passport (optional) before applying for a UK passport.

Elements of a UK passport application

Once you have downloaded the UK passport application form, you have to fill in each element and follow instructions throughout the completion of this application form. The following types of passport options are available in the first section of this form.

  • Renewal of passport
  • First British passport
  • Replacement for a passport
  • Extension of a passport
  • Changes to an existing passport

The second section of this passport application form involves details about the applicant of the passport.  You have to write your title, surname, first and middle name, maiden or all previous names, current address, country, postcode, date of birth, gender, town of birth, country of birth, mobile phone number, alternative phone number and E-mail address.

In the third section, you have to enter correct details in fields associated with any sort of your previous passport.  You have to fill in details of lost or stolen passport and other fields.  The fourth section involves details of your parents.  The fifth section includes the certificate of registration details.  The sixth section involves children aged 12 – 15.

Do not write anything in the seventh section. This section is intentionally blank. The eighth section reveals more information about the UK passport application procedure. Read every element of the ninth section because it is a Declaration section.  You have to understand real meaning of all fields in this section before you fill up it.

The tenth section is counter signatory. You may have to fill this section when a counter signature is needed. You may like to use stamps or label and fill up some fields of this form with an objective to save your time. You have to avoid any such activity. This is worthwhile to follow all instructions when you fill each field in all sections of this UK passport application form.

The most common benefits of having a UK passport

Many men and women who have decided to apply for a passport these days understand real benefits of having a passport. They are very conscious about every aspect of the passport. This is because they do not like to compromise their comfort, safety and privacy while travelling anywhere in the world.

Residents of many countries in our time are willing to submit an application for the UK passport. They have a preference on the British passport rather than any other country passport. The main reason behind this decision is to take advantage of an unrestricted travel throughout Europe. The following details explain you actual advantages of having a UK passport. You can listen to these details and get an overview about how you will get all these benefits without difficulty.

UK Passport

An unrestricted travel

Experts in passports of different countries these days are aware about benefits and drawbacks of each country passport. They recommend the UK passport for those who seek the best suitable passport and stay anywhere in Europe without any restriction.  Once you have received the UK passport, you can travel to any of 152 countries in Europe without a visa and stay anywhere in Europe without a restriction of number of days you stay.  Bear in mind that Australian passports and United States passports let passport holders stay up to three months rather than unlimited stay.

You may wish to work anywhere in Europe and succeed in your profession as planned. If you prefer the UK passport, then you can fulfil this wish directly. This is because UK passport holders can stay anywhere in Europe as long as they like and work in any country in Europe.  If one of your parent or grandparent has UK citizenship, then you can qualify for the UK passport automatically.

You would not have to leave the UK when you are married a British person, living anywhere in Europe under marriage conditions and get divorced. Your UK passport assists you reside anywhere in Europe as long as you wish irrespective of what happened between you and your partner.

The foremost benefits

There are many benefits for those who have the UK passport at this time. However, the foremost benefits are as follows.

  • Britain in the main part of Europe
  • Visa-free entry conditions offered by 53 sovereign states for citizens of commonwealth with the UK passport
  • The foreign and commonwealth office
  • 268 British embassies worldwide
  • The best in class social system in terms of the quality of life index and human development index
  • Preference to the English language by colonies of the British Empire

If you reside in any country and seek whether you can apply, qualify and reap benefits from the UK passport, then you can make a good decision right now. You will get more than abovementioned benefits when you get the UK passport. It is the right time to begin a step and own the UK passport for enhancing your lifestyle in the desired way.